All systems are go

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  • user interface

    web application front end

  • test execution engine

    subsystems that schedule and execute tests against target applications

    • mabl link

      mabl's secure tunneling solution

    • test scheduling

      scheduling of test runs

    • test execution

      execution of test runs

  • insights

    generation of insights and supplemental information for test output such as visual changes

  • marketing website

    mabl's public marketing website

Previous Incidents

[Resolved] Incorrect Insights Sent

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  • user interface
  • insights

During a 30 minute window today, we ran a job to cleanup historic tests stuck in the "running" state. Unintentionally, this sent some erroneous "Plan changed to failing" insights for plans that were not in fact failing. Our apologies for any confusion if you received such an insight during this window. Engineers have taken corrective action to prevent this from recurring.

No further notices from the past 7 days.